What is GRP / Fibreglass?

Glass Reinforced Plastic, also known as GRP, is a strong, lightweight, corrosion and temperature resistant material. It is easily moulded for complex shapes and structures.  It can be also extremely cost effective compared to traditional building materials.

GRP consists of thermosetting resins and glass fibres which when bonded together result in a solid fibreglass material.

GRP has been used in the UK and Ireland since the 1940’s. Its primary stronghold began in the marine industry for boat building. Once its high strength, versatility and appearance properties were recognised it was soon in demand across a variety of industries including automotive, construction, water tank building and flat roofing.

Using GRP for Roofing

A GRP Roofing system is a lightweight, single-ply membrane which is applied to secured OSB 3 decking boards. Its core materials consist of Resin, Fibreglass Matting and Topcoat.

Once applied correctly, a GRP Roof will last in excess of 20 years. Once cured fibreglass is inert and it will not rot or corrode. This means little maintenance is required on this type of roofing system.

A GRP Roof can be used for both domestic and commercial applications.