Solar Panel Bird Proofing

If you are the owner of a property which has solar panels you may be providing a home to birds and you should consider installing bird proofing measures to prevent this and protect your investment.

Solar panels provide an ideal nesting habitat for nesting pigeon. The panels protect them from the weather and provide a vantage point to survey their surroundings. We can help you by installing pigeon guards for solar panels and other solar panel pigeon protection.

When pigeons nest they can cause problems for the solar panels and the roof. This can include:

  • Panel damage
  • Cabling damage
  • Pigeon dropping (guano) on the panels – reducing the output and efficiency of the panels.
  • Presenting a fire risk from the nesting materials
  • Soiling the nearby area such as conservatives and patios. You may even get eggs falling from the roof.
  • Blockages in the roofs guttering from nesting materials.

Solar Panel Protection

The most effective way to protect your solar panels its to prevent the birds from gaining access below them. If the cannot get below the solar panels they will not nest there.

We fit a specifically designed mesh directly to the solar panels to prevent the birds from nesting under the panels.

Our Solar Panel mesh solutions is designed and fitted using a system that will not damage the solar panels or impact their warranty.  If required the mesh can be removed quickly and easily.


Pricing and Quotations

The cost of a solar panel protection install is dependant on the size of the system in place and the access equipment required for the install (cherry pickers or scaffolding may be required for delicate roofs).

If you would like a quote, contact us today to speak with an expect and book a no obligation site visit.